Need help reviewing my deck construction plans via /r/DIY


Need help reviewing my deck construction plans

This weekend I'll be constructing a 7' tall deck against a cement block building, and I'm looking to fix design issues before we get started. This will be the first time tackling something of this scale.

I've tried to research all the code/tips/common mistakes that usually occur, but I wanted to give this one final pass through before we buy and construct!

I know how these deck project posts always go, so…what did I do terribly wrong?

EDIT: Forgot to mention a few things:

  • We'll use joist hangers for all joists. (Does this apply to the rim joist around the perimeter? I imagine no but not sure best way to attach that)
  • Beams will be attached to notched out 6×6 posts with carriage bolts
  • Ledger board (against the building) will be fixed to cement blocks of the building. Curious what you think best hardware to do that is
  • The stair's backer board will have 45 degree angle braces added. Just not sure how to render those in Chief Architect.
  • Deck material will be Trex laid perpendicular to joists, joists are 16" OC. Stairs will also get toe kick back board, but again, not sure how to render that in Chief Architect properly.
  • Posts will sit on galvanized steel footers with a bolt connection deep into the cement footers.

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