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Curtain Rod in Plaster Wall

Hi all,

We recently moved into a 1918 home with plaster and lathe walls. This is our first home. We wanted to mount some curtain rods in the nursery, and being a total newbie, I started by following the directions on the rods, which said to drill a pilot hole and hammer in a plastic wall anchor. Well, the plastic anchor would not go in and just deformed (now I know it is because of the plaster and lathe).

So I did some googling and it said I should use a toggle bolt. I purchased some 1/8 in x 2 inch toggle bolts, and a 3/8 inch. drill bit (which the toggle bolts say I need to create sufficient clearance for the toggle).

Now I have 3/8 inch holes in my walls, the toggle bolts still do not quite fit, and I fear that maybe the walls are substantially deeper than 2 inches and I need a longer toggle bolt screw? Meanwhile, the wife is getting upset that I can't tackle a simple task like hanging curtain rods.

Should I just go ahead and try to buy an even longer toggle bolt and and even bigger drill bit? I feel like I sort of need to go down this route now that I have two large holes above the window sill. For the rest of the room, can I just drill the screws straight into the plaster?

Edit: I just placed a long thin object into the hole and it goes back 5 inches before it hits something that feels like insulation. Is it possible there is no hollow space in the wall at all that I can use? It seems like I may be better off just filling in the holes with something?

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