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Help with mysterious levitating gate

My front gate in my fence constantly shifts up and down during the year. ATM it's about 4 inches higher then it should be which besides being frustrating renders any type of latch to keep it closed useless (at least as far as I have found) I assume its the fence that is actually moving of course which in turn moves the gate attached to it. The problem is once I even figure out what is moving I have no idea how to stop it. I tried getting some L brackets and screwing it into the fence post and my walkway but that just bent the L bracket and the fence moved anyways.

At this point I would just remove the dang fence but I have dogs so I need one. The only solution I can think of is build a gate that is attached to my wooden walkway and not the fence so it doesn't matter what the weather does. But I figured I would ask the experts though so see what other solutions I have.

Edit: I'm in Alaska and it's just starting to warm a bit

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