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How to fix a bad interior paint job

We moved into our house in January, and the walls need to be repainted. I think they were done recently, but by someone who was working quickly. There are areas where screwheads and nails were painted over, roller marks, drips, and patches of dust and hair that are stuck under the paint. Additionally, there are a few spots that they tried to patch up but didn't match the knock down texture of the wall.

There's also a chair rail that we will be removing. The current paint is two-toned with a light blue above the rai and a darker blue below. We will be using a washable semi-gloss paint that's a light sage green, and the wall texture is knock down.

Is there an easy way to smooth out the walls, or match the texture, without treating each individual hole/scuff/drip? Do I need to do a coat of white since the walls are two-toned, and the green is lighter?

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