I want to turn my car’s central console into a trash can via /r/DIY


I want to turn my car’s central console into a trash can

So I own a toyota corolla and have a decent sized central console that i don't use for anything and I want to create some kind of fitted material in it to create an easily washable "trash can" on the inside. I am assuming the easiest way to do this would be to create a mold of it and then find a material that would work and not shrink too much and waste a lot of space.

but i also wonder if there is maybe even a material i can "paint" on the inside and just rip out and sand/polish a bit to get the job done. I haven't really done too much DIY stuff and i don't have a lot of experience with different materials so some ideas for materials and methods would be great because I can't find ANY videos or guides for anything close to what I'm trying to do.

TL:DR- I want to turn my central car console into a trash can and need a material that won't shrink too much but will fit to either a mold or can just be put straight in and pulled out. If I need a mold, a good material for the mold would be helpful.

thanks for any help yo ucan provide!

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