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Ways to make a homemade speaker louder?

Hello all,

I recently made a speaker out of trash from Chipotle Link to how I made it: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMea6cKA5/

It is basically two 8ohm speakers made by wrapping copper coil around toilet paper tubes, with a big neodymium magnet inside each. I used a PAM 8302 audio amplifier for each of the speakers to make them louder, and turned the potentiometer on these boards all the way up.

The speaker still sounds overall sort of quiet, so I’d appreciate any steps from people who know much more about this than I do on how I can make them louder.

My first guess would be to just use a higher resistance coil, but even at 8 ohms this speaker is much quieter than a factory-made 8 ohm speaker.

A commenter suggested putting a cone behind each of them- could someone explain a little bit more on what this means? I’m somewhat familiar with diagrams of speaker anatomy but I’d appreciate some insight in how that physics would apply to improving this speaker in its current state.

Any help/info is greatly appreciated!

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