Fixing a 10 inch hole with fiberglass cloth. via /r/DIY


Fixing a 10 inch hole with fiberglass cloth.

So theirs a hole in my bathtub thats about 10 inches or so, I decided im going to get a fiberglass kit with all the items neccessary (fiberglass, resin, hardener, mixing stick).

My only issue is how do I exactly apply the fiberglass? From my understanding its best to add the resin/hardener mixture then fiber glass and stack to desired amount, but how can I do that if theirs a decently large hole in the middle without any support?

I've done some research over it through youtubr videos and the one thing I saw was someone took plastic food wrap, placed it on the hole, taped it before doing the rest of the steps but they had acess to the pther side of the hole, I dont.

(The hole isn't caused by support problems btw)

Submitted April 09, 2021 at 12:00AM by itsmarionetteXx
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