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Underlayment for kitchen tile from studs?

I'm new to tiling and would like to tile the backsplash in our kitchen. Currently it's down to the studs, and drywall has been put in everywhere except the backsplash which will be tile.

I bought 1/4" hardiebacker cement board to put up straight to the studs. But somebody mentioned that I might need to put up 1/4" luan board first, then put the cement board on top of it with some thinset. Is that really needed? And why go through all that work when I could get 1/2" cement board?

Followup question: the drywall is 1/2". Would you usually get 1/2" cement board so that it's flush with the drywall? It feels like the thinset + thickness of the tile would make it stick out quite a but, and if I used 1/4" board it would more than make up for the 1/4" difference.


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