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Ideas to utilize free bluestone treads

I have access to about twenty 18x24x2" bluestone treads for free. They're in good but not pristine shape. There are also a bunch of broken pieces of the same bluestone that I could take if I wanted. What are some ideas of how I could utilize these?

Obviously I could use them to make a patio area or a walkway, neither of which I'm very excited about. I considered using them to remake our raised garden walls, since the cedar walls of the raised garden that came with the house are rotting apart. But I wouldn't have nearly enough treads to replace it all, since the wall of the raised bed measures about 40 feet long in all.

Any other creative and/or unusual ideas on how I could use these?

Submitted April 21, 2021 at 11:57AM by throwawaydoily
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