Building a dagger from carbon steel, bronze, oak and leather. via /r/DIY

Building a dagger from carbon steel, bronze, oak and leather.

The finished dagger.

The blade is 1075 high carbon steel, the guard and pommel are bronze, the grip is leather wrapper oak. Instructions in narrated video form are below.

Part 1:

Design, profiling and rough grinding the blade. I’m using a larger belt sander here but the same process will work with a big-box store belt sander. You may need to settle for a flat grind instead of a radius (hollow) grind though as the smaller sanders radius is much smaller.

Part 2:

Hardening, tempering and final grinding the blade. If you don’t have a forge or heat source for the hardening step, one can be made quickly and cheaply from a couple of cans and some plaster, see here

Part 3:

Part 3 uses a mini mill to cut the hole in the guard and pommel, which most people won’t have. You can substitute this step by drilling several holes, and then using a needle file to connect the holes. This is me doing that very process on another crossguard

Part 4:

Filing and grinding the guard and pommel to shape

Part 5:

Affixing the guard and pommel to blade by hot peening, starting in the wood core for the grip.

Part 6:

Finishing the wood core for the grip and Includes me screwing up the leather wrap—think it’s important to show the screwups and how to fix it and keep trucking

Part 7:

Redoing the leather wrap, polishing, finishing details, applying a patina

I’m available if you have questions on here, or on YouTube. If you try it, start small, and let me see!

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