HELP: Drilling an axle via /r/DIY

HELP: Drilling an axle

Subject was gonna be "Rassin' Frassin' Stupid Missin' Axle, Rassin' Frassin"

Anywho. Sooo….wifey bought a muck cart (open box) which is missing the axle. After a lot of conversation with everyone up and down the chain and trying to find something, I'm just gonna machine the damned thing.

It's 3/8" by 29" steel with cotter pins.

Anyone see a problem with drilling 1/16" for the pins? General math says stay within RMS which would be 3/40" at the biggest before encountering structural problems in the steel. 1/16 is 3/48.

There's no pressure on the cotter pins at all.

Submitted April 29, 2021 at 12:16PM by justscottaustin
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