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Upgrading a 2-way switch to a switch/outlet combo

I'd like to add an outlet in my garage for charging tool batteries, and in my mind the easiest thing to do would be to upgrade an existing 2-way light switch that's near my shelf to a light switch/outlet combo. I've replaced outlets and switches before, but only with matching receptacles, so I wanted to get some advice before doing any work.

On a quick search, I can't seem to find a combo switch/outlet that lists it being 2-way. Is this a thing, or could I use one that's a 3-way? LINK

As far as wiring goes, again, I tried searching, but I can't seem to find any wiring diagrams that match what I'm looking to do. Should this be more or less a simple upgrade? Are there diagrams out there that would help me, or am I getting in over my head?

I appreciate all help and suggestions!

Submitted April 29, 2021 at 09:56AM by jdavie87
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