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Dishwasher draining poorly (sporadically)

First, is it normal for the dishwasher to still have a little water in it (not visible unless I remove the filter) at the end of a cycle? Like a good 2 inches? 'Cause that's what I get on a good cycle.

On a bad cycle, I get sudsy water that's halfway up the heating element, and water on my floor.

We just got a very old, but trustworthy (according to someone I completely trust, who also installed it for us) dishwasher. It worked fine with no leaks for a couple days, then we woke up to water all over our kitchen floor. I've run it multiple times since cleaning it up, and have had complete failures where I've had to drain it manually, interspersed with perfect loads (though since I've been watching more closely, I notice there's always a decent bit of water beneath the filter, as mentioned).

I've checked that the float is working, that the tube going to the disposal is not blocked, that the filter is cleaned, and that there are no obstructions in the pump that I can feel with my finger. I also drained it manually by disconnecting the hose where it clamps to the hose going to the disposal. It flowed fine, but not quite as strongly as I thought it might.

Prior to this dishwasher we had a brand new one. It had the exact same issue (i.e., woke up randomly one day to water all over the floor). When I was trying to investigate that I broke its floater – snapped it off – in my frustration, and just let it sit for years until last week when we got this donated replacement.

So given the similarity in the problem and vast disparity in ages of the dishwashers, I'm thinking it's likely to be something other than the pump itself – but I'm running out of ideas.

The one thing I can think of that I haven't done is pull the washer out and closely inspect the hose – though as I said, much of the time it flows fine.

What else can I check?

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