Help diagnosing where my wall stenciling efforts went wrong? via /r/DIY

Help diagnosing where my wall stenciling efforts went wrong?

I bought a mylar wall stencil and stuck it up on my wall with painter's tape and started painting, using a nap roller at first and then a regular paintbrush when I thought that the paint wasn't transferring with the roller. The reason was because it was looking thin and smeary, like it wasn't sticking–like the first coat of nailpolish if you're doing your nails with a cheap, shitty nailpolish. After trying that a while, I peeled off the stencil to see how it looked and it had bled through everywhere and looked absolutely awful.

I did not paint the wall myself originally, so I can't know for sure what was done to it, but I know it is not textured, and there's leftover paint so I know it was painted using this:

And the paint that I am using for the stencil is this:

Any tips for what I should have done? I've seen suggestions of both "keep the stencil on and do multiple layers of paint, letting it dry each time" and "take the stencil off ASAP because that is what causes bleed" so, like, not sure which one is right there. I've also seen use a foam roller, or use a paintbrush, and I did try a paintbrush (not the foam roller though) and I just want to be really careful and do as much research as possible before trying again, after totally screwing it up last time…

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