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Need help with footing for greenhouse

Hi everyone. I purchased a polycarbonate and aluminum greenhouse (8×12) for my wife. We are preparing to set it up, but we want to get it on a good foundation. I’ve purchased half-height concrete blocks to build a perimeter that we will then bolt the greenhouse onto. The floor will just be gravel. I’m planning on using masonry glue to attach the blocks together. However, I’ve been getting some conflicting information on how to properly lay the blocks in the ground. I’m thinking that I should dig a trench and fill it with crusher run, tamp down the crusher run, and then lay the blocks on top of that. Am I completely off base here? If not, how deep should my layer of crusher run be? The greenhouse is incredibly lightweight, but the blocks themselves are obviously pretty heavy. Also, should I lay a layer of leveling sand on top of the crusher run, or is that more for if you are just using gravel?

Submitted April 29, 2021 at 08:50PM by jscheel
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