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Permits and code related things

I have a relatively old house and in the process of learning about getting permits and having inspections I have often wondered how code related problems are handled. As far as I'm aware nothing in my house is particularly "dangerous", but with it being old I'm sure there are things not up to code. That being said, if I get a permit to have some of my electricity rewired, plumbing redone, ect, what would happen if the person inspecting the work seen other things not related to the working being done that wasnt up to code? For example, if I had my upstairs bathroom remodeled and permits pulled for all of that, and the inspector noticed other parts of the plumbing in my house arent quite they way they should be. Could they do anything about that or do they only inspect the particular area you changed? Thanks!

Submitted April 30, 2021 at 05:21AM by RyanR92
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