Should I use faced or unfaced insulation here? via /r/DIY

Should I use faced or unfaced insulation here?

Recently gutted my bathroom and I'm installing a new shower tub soon. The side of the tub faces an exterior wall insulated with unfaced fiberglass batting. At first I assumed this was the wrong type of insulation but now I'm not so sure. Behind the batting is a metallic lining and not sure but i'm starting to think that's a moisture barrier. This part of the wall used to be covered with a plastic tub surround but we are going to be replacing that with cement backer board and tile. Due to some mildew and dirt I intend to replace the old insulation; however, the faced insulation that I bought might be a poor choice if that metallic lining is in fact a moisture barrier. I do not want moisture to get trapped in between two barriers. Am I on the right track here? Should I return my faced insulation and get unfaced?

Submitted April 30, 2021 at 04:32PM by tearlock
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