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Code-compliant deck stairs

Hi folks, I’m about to replace the stairs on my 2nd-story (9ft high) deck and had a couple of questions after reading the AWC DCA6 guidance (here).

1) Does the top step need to be flush with the deck (as seen in Figure 31 on p. 21 in the link above), or is still it within code to attached the stringers to a hanger board (that’s a attached to the rim joist)?

2) Since my stringers will need mid-span support, it looks like they’ll need to be supported by notched 4x4s (see p. 20). Does this imply that I need a separate 4×4 for each respective stringer (which is 4 in my case)? I can’t seem to find any examples online of this. Right now the mid-span support for my current stringers consists of two 4x4s (similar to the first pic in the link, although the 2×4 is nailed on top of the two 4x4s and hence the stringers rest on the 2×4). Could the 2nd pic in the link be an option?

Thanks for the help!

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