Losing my mind trying to install this range hood. via /r/DIY


Losing my mind trying to install this range hood.

I've got this old, under cabinet range hood that no longer works. I bought a new one. Problem is the new one has a cable with a 3 prong plug and the old one is hardwired to the Romex cable coming out of my wall. I've called a few electricians and they wanted about $350 to install an outlet using the existing Romex. I said no to that.

I've read the manual for the new range hood multiple times. It states:

"This hood has two types of electrical connection:

A connection with electric wires

3-wire power outlet, 120V 60Hz (supplied but not installed)."

The three prong plug came installed. There is no second cable included with the range hood.

There's no obvious way to access the wire connections inside the range hood without taking it apart to an extent that surely isn't intended. Do I just cut the plug off and splice the wires myself with wire nuts? There's no conduit box in the range hood like my old one has. I also don't know what kind of wires are inside the cable. I'm at a loss here.

Here are photos of my current (broken) range hood

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