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Refrigerator coat hook shelf

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So I wanted to add some coat hooks and shelf for keys, etc, near my apartment entryway. The best place is on the side of the fridge. Rather than attach anything permanently I thought “what a great application for this really strong magnets you can buy!”

I used a woodworking type bit to countersink them in the wood and gorilla glue to hold them in place. That seems to be working fine. But I’m finding they want to slide down once in place. So I tried a couple different magnet configurations (spoiler along the top and sides works best). As well I put some silicone on the back of the shelf to provide grip and fill the space between the shelf and the curved fridge side.

Problem still is that they are sliding down. I’m not giving up yet! I have a couple ideas to try to address this:

1) More magnets. 2) use some of that really sticky urethane glue they use for outdoor sealing to provide more grip. It turns out that the silicone is actually kind of slick.

Any thoughts?? I’m almost there!!

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