40x40mm alu profile desk/shelfes combo via /r/DIY


40x40mm alu profile desk/shelfes combo

I'm making a pc desk and shelves out of extruded aluminium. I've never worked with this before and I'm wondering how much weight it can hold and if I need additional supports somewhere. The desk surface and shelves will most likely be 20 to 30mm thick wood, oak if I can find ready made boards of that size as I currently have no place to do any woodworking on my own.

At the moment I'm planning on using only 40×40 profile but I've considered using 40x80mm for the rear bar under the main desk and possibly adding another 40×80 bar in the back to mount the monitors on. The one left shelf with the extra supporting bar under is meant to hold a 3d printer and I want some extra rigidity there.



Any advice would be very appreciated!

Submitted May 01, 2021 at 09:59PM by elgen88
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