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Help with desk.

Hello, I'm disabled and as a result a spend some part of my day in bed when the pain is bad especially as a result of like to build a standing desk that will have the range to do all three heights I need as well as have casters to move it l. I've watched a few videos with people using chair lift cylinders and drawer slides. I think this will work but what I need to know is strength if I make the top with MDF to keep cost down how strong will it be?is there tables I can follow or can anyone give me other ideas? For height reference I have a standard queen bed with metal rails and a standard executive office chair atm my own height standing is 5'3" (around 160 cm) I'm also in Canada if that affects any supply suggestions ;p

Submitted May 02, 2021 at 04:48AM by DWB_Reads
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