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Infinite dust accumulation new apartment

I have lived in a new build apartment for 2 years since it’s construction now. It is around 100m2 and has a fancy ventilation system in all rooms.

Now to the issue…a layer of fine dust (tiny fibres) accumulates on every surface in every room after about 4-5 days!

I have cleaned every surface in the apartment multiple times so that it is spotless. I have identified all air vents and blocked them off. Still dust appears…note: no dust ever appears on the blocked off vents when doing this?!

I’m completely dumbfounded as to where it comes from. I read a theory online that micro dust comes through the walls on new build apartments aswell as through the vent systems.

I am actually concerned for my health, i’m certain it can’t be good for me breathing this in if it is continuously suspended in the air.

Please offer some advice on potential sources of of this dust, or if you’ve experienced a similar problem.

Submitted May 02, 2021 at 07:57AM by Navier-stokez
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