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Installing pedestal sink slightly off center?

I’m thinking about replacing a pedestal sink in a very small bathroom, where dimensions are extremely tight (so absolutely no room for a vanity). We found a basin we like, but it’s slightly larger than the one we’re replacing, which means the center of the pedestal and drain pipe would shift just about 1/8 inch to the right (there’s a wall on the other side so there’s no leeway).

I’ve heard pedestals can be unforgiving, and generally need to be EXACTLY centered on the outlet pipe in the wall. But is 1/8 inch doable, if the p trap was swiveled slightly (and then swiveled back to 90 degrees with the drain elbow?) It’s so slight I wouldn’t worry about how the connection looks visually, so long as it would work and drain properly.

Thanks in advance.

Submitted May 01, 2021 at 09:51PM by MisterBasement
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