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My tile project (so far)

Hi, I am installing a new mosaic tile black-splash. I am an amateur but I have watched lots of different videos on Youtube for tips and information in the process. I can't afford to hire a full professional as my remodel budget went to electrical, painting, and framing.

The project:

  • Installing 12x12in (1.03 sq ft glass/metal mosaic tile on to my kitchen blacksplash).
  • About a 7sq ft. foot wall surface to cover.


I am removing a mosaic glass tile (1in x 1in) on a mesh of 8. I am having a friend who is an electrician help me with the demo. My first task has been getting the old tile off. I didn't want to full rambo and destroy the backboard and just crowbar it. I have been using a rubber mallet with a puddy knife and going behind the tile to get it out. About half of it is gone.

Here's a few pics of the process so far. (I know it is extremely messy). I am going to sweep/vacuum up before I start the on next half of it and get some coves/tape to help keep the mess better retained next time.

The problem

My friend made this small hole near the socket because he used to much pressure on the crow bar. I have talked with a few folks and they said it doesn't need to be patched. I was going to use the presto patch from the hope depot link below.

Question: Does this need to be patched?

Step: 1 If I do need to patch this I would need to clean up the paper and smooth it out best I can.

Step 2: From what I watched and read it be good to prime the backboard wall with something like this:

Step 3: Allow to set and then apply the presto patch and mud the entire wall.


Step 4: Sand it down and make it smooth.

My questions are.

  1. Is this something I can just set the tile over since it isn't too large?
  2. How is my backboard looking so far?
  3. Any other tips you might provide from seeing the above?

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