Question – Glue up tiles to bare ceiling joist?? via /r/DIY


Question – Glue up tiles to bare ceiling joist??

We are moving our bedroom into an unfurnished basement and I'd like to finish part of it with a simple, easy solution. We are going to install some pvc wall tiles, which got me thinking – could that work with the ceiling too?

We found some Glue Up ceiling tiles (like this) but I cant find anything about if it's OK to install these on bare joists.

I understand there wouldnt be as much surface connection, and potentially would need a few more dabs of glue than normal to accomodate along the joists, but I don't see any reason why they wouldnt fit?

The joists are big enough so that they would be able to cover two joists with room to spare on each side. Which makes me think it could really be fine.

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