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Structural question

I'm going to try to make this clear, having a bit of a disagreement with the husband.

We had a leak under a cheap, 25-year-old contractor grade vanity. The bottom was melamine veneered particle board, so I found it exploded about a month after the fix and cleanup.

We ripped the bottom out and have purchased + cut 1/2" plywood to replace it. We had to cut the board into thirds to fit it in (40"Wx18"D, 3 doors). We've cut some 2x4s to attach the boards to beneath the splits.

My question is :

There's a 3" ish gap between where the toe kick is and the face frame, so there will be 3" of split plywood hanging over it and attached to the 1/4" thick face frame with Titebond 3.

Should I use a metal brace beneath the two 3" splits in the plywood? I think it's a good idea, husband thinks I'm an idiot. The cabinet typically holds quite a lot of stuff for 3 kids + cleaning supplies and I don't trust glue alone for keeping the edges together long-term. I'd rather not have to do another repair before we gut the bathroom later on

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