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Tricky front door transition/molding

I'm installing some vinyl flooring and am looking to add a transition molding at the front door. I originally had a tile entryway that sat on a layer of OSB. After the original flooring, there is a small amount of OSB hanging out from underneath the front door transition strip.

what type of molding should i use at this doorway? Since the OSB is about 3/8" thick and flooring is about 1/4" thick, i was thinking using a reducer. Also, the original door jamb was undercut significantly, at about 7/8" measured from the subfloor. In consideration of this door jamb gap, the reducer could run on top of the OSB and under the door jambs, with some narrow pieces to shim it up a bit on the high side of the reducer molding.

Or should i take a multitool to the OSB and put in a strip of end molding? This would still leave a big gap with the door jamb.

Submitted May 04, 2021 at 11:52AM by Elfangalore
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