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What type of dimmer switches work with led downlights?

I want to install 8 led downlights with a 2 gang led dimmer switch to control 4 at a time.

But im a bit confused as to what kind of dimmer switch I would need. Does it depend on the led itself?

I was looking at this https://www.screwfix.com/p/lap-fixed-led-downlight-contractor-pack-white-370lm-5w-220-240v-10-pack/616fj But they said it needs a trailing edge dimmer switch so I looked at this one https://www.screwfix.com/p/crabtree-platinum-2-gang-2-way-dimmer-switch-polished-chrome/50618 but it says it's not compatible with leds.

Also on another website I saw dimmer switches that are leading edge but say they are compatible with leds. So I'm pretty confused, do I need a leading edge or trailing edge dimmer switch? Or does it depend on the led?

If I get a leading edge dimmer and use it with an led downlight would it work?

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