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Deck framing around conduit fitting

Building a deck mostly on my own. I have a friend who is a carpenter, but mainly just builds concrete forms. He had never built a deck, so I've been doing a lot of research and reading the codes and guides and whatnot.

I didn't notice it, but when my friend was hanging joists, one of the joists, running parallel to the house, had a serious bow on it. That joist was put in to catch the end of the decking that is to be installed. Normally this would be caught by the ledger board, but the house is old and the thickness of the siding and insulation is such that it meant the rim joist the ledger board is attached to, is set back too far to to use the ledger for that. My work-around was to install an additional joist that was roughly 1" off the siding (roughly 4" offset from the ledger, 12" off the first joist).

Unfortunately, there is a PVC conduit fitting that protrudes from the house, and feeds my garage its power, almost perfectly in the middle of the 10' span.

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So, what are my options here? Obviously, I can't leave the joist bowed like that. I'm thinking my best bet is to frame around the fitting, creating a spot where I can also, potentially, add a hose bib in the future. Can I frame two short pieces of 2×10 perpendicular to the ledger and first 16" OC joist (i.e. the joist to the right of the bowed one), and attach them with joist hangers? One short piece 5" to either side of the fitting? This would sort of box the fitting in.

Once those short pieced are in, I could then hang shorter joists parallel to the house, to fulfill the purpose of the bowed joist and catch the ends of my decking. My worry is that I'd be sort of splitting the load unevenly between the first 16" OC joist and the ledger. Essentially, the first 16" OC joist would, I think, be carrying more than 50% of the load of the decking covering that joist bay. Should I just hang another joist 8" off the ledger, and then box out around the fitting, and then, hang another set off joists the distance I need off the ledger to catch the ends of the decking? That would seem to solve for the potential overloading of the first 16" OC joist.

I'd have to do some cutesy stuff with the area immediately adjacent to the fitting, but that would be small enough in scope to not create an inspection challenge, I imagine. Maybe make a removable chunk of decking so I can still easily access the conduit fitting if I need to, and to allow for an easy spot to run more conduit for an outlet for the deck.


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