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Help: Minimizing/reversing water damage to hardwood floor

So I have a hardwood floor (Koa similar to Brazilian cherry) in my kitchen. Daughter made a mistake and long story short water leaked onto the floor, only covered about a square yard for about an hour. Of course cleaned it up asap but the boards here have I guess swelled just a little at the edges but now where the boards join is slightly higher, can't see it but your feet easily feel the difference. I do have some extra boards so I could replace them but I'd like to see what I might do to reverse or minimize this and avoid doing all that extra work.

Will the swelling eventually even out over the board so you don't feel the curl at the edge? would heat help, would pressure help. I tried some googling but most was around humidity issues and that isn't the case here. There is a basement underneath so there is no water trapped under the boards but likely the subflooring is still wet. This happened about 18 hours ago as I write this.

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