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New Single basin sink – questions on sink hole cutout

I’ve been thinking about taking on this project for my wife for a long time – I know it's a big one and can be difficult. I'm trying to ideally swap a double basin undermount sink for a single basin undermount sink. But willing to possibly consider top mount if the cutting gets sketchy.

If I could just find a sink that matches the exact cut-out, I'd gladly hunt for one. But in my online digging through home improvement supply stores and sink manufacturers, I haven't found any reference to standard corner radius meaurements (degrees? inches? nothing list in online sink specs). Is there, in fact, a standardized shape or measurement for the corner roundness and shape?

Please take a look at the pictures, it should make the project more clear for the questions below:

  1. Can I get another sink that matches the corners of this current cutout exactly? This is dependent on a way to accurately measure the cutout or match up to a standardized corner shape.
  2. Assuming I do have to cut to fit a new sink (likely) how is granite countertop finished to make it so smooth and sealed? Is this possible to do for a handy homeowner with purchased/rented tools?

Looking forward to eventually sharing the finished version of this project!

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