Steel roof over shingles question… via /r/DIY


Steel roof over shingles question…

I was under the impression steel roof over shingles had to be done on wood purlins, but I just read this:

“You can use an underlayment to cover your old roof. You can use a water-resistant asphalt-saturated felt or a water-resistant synthetic underlayment. For areas with extreme winters or heavy rain fail, you can use waterproof rubberized asphalt. The underlayment will protect your new roof from scratching and provide a moisture barrier.”

It’s for a cottage, there is only 1 layer of shingles, no felt paper underneath (long story). They are overdue for repair, I patched up spots with roofing tar last year. Michigan Upper peninsula/Ontario cottage country lattitude.

Underlayment would be a lot easier. Taking shingles off, the disposal is a hassle for us there (fairly remote, would have to rent truck/bin etc.)


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