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Toilet clogging every two weeks.

Short back story. I bought a 1 bath ranch built in 1953. I pulled my own permit and built out a second full bath and laundry room. It has worked great until I pulled the toilet from the original bathroom to begin renovating that one.

I had roto rooter charge me $350 to tell me there was a clog 30’ out. I rented a 75’ snake from Home Depot and cleared it out. So I thought.

Nothing came back out with the snake. I ran the snake the full 75’ and the toilet worked perfectly. I have now done this every 2-3 weeks.

I’m struggling with the idea of paying someone $300- almost $600 as quoted by roto rooter to snake it with the same equipment I can competently use.

Would pulling the toilet for demo cause this to recur? Could there be something beyond the 75’ and I’m just pushing everything to that point and it takes the same 2 weeks to back up again from that point?

I type this at 8:15pm with 2 kids, a wife, and no functioning toilet.

Save me!

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