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Need help supporting deck footings below frost line

So I posted yesterday about how our deck has a small bit of sway to it when you rock back and fourth. Nothing crazy but enough that I wanted to look into it. It really seems to happen most on rainy days and then goes away once it’s nice out. I started digging up one of the supports today and so far it looks like it’s just directly buried into the dirt. There may be a chance that when I get down lower I’ll find cement but so far nothing. I live in Massachusetts where the ground freezes and the supports need to be down atleast 4ft to keep the deck from heaving.

My question is – as long as the footings are all currently down below the frost line will I be ok to grab some sono tube and put some cement in there just to add some stability around the footing and then cover it back up with dirt ? As long as the bottom of the footing is below the frost line I won’t have any issues with heaving if I add the quickrete to this hole and encase the footing right ? I’m also gonna add some bracings up top as well.

( deck is coming down next year to be replaced so just looking for a temp fix or else id jack it up – replace each beam , and bring them up above ground on top of a pier )

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