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Refinishing a table and chairs, looking for advice

I recently picked up a table and 4 chairs off of Facebook Marketplace for $150, and I'm looking to refinish the set as they had been painted with a chalk paint that I don't really like too much. Here are a couple pictures of the set:

I wanted to ask both about the steps to refinish, and what products to use, as I'm pretty much a total newbie at this sort of thing. My general plan is to take off the gray paint so I can stain those parts (I'm thinking a dark walnut color like this), and to repaint the black parts with a paint I like more.

For the actual steps, this is about what I have planned:

  • With a palm sander, sand off all the gray paint (using sandpaper for the tighter spaces on the chairs). Start with 60/80 grit and then go over again with 120 grit.
  • For the black parts, sand with 120 grit sandpaper. Since I'm painting over it, I just need to rough it up some, not actually remove all the paint.
  • For both parts, I'm not sure if I need paint primer or pre-stain conditioner. Do I need to do these?
  • Apply stain by painting it on with some sort of brush, and wipe off excess with a lint-free cloth.
  • After the stain is dry (do I need multiple coats?) apply a top coat
  • Paint the black parts (does paint need a top coat here?)

For products, after doing some research, it sounds like something like the General Finishes water-based line is probably the best for me in terms of ease-of-use for a newbie as well as being more environmentally friendly, the only thing is they seem a little pricey.

Some questions:

  • Are the GF products worth the higher cost over something like Minwax?
  • What kind of paint should I be using for painting my chairs black?
  • Does the paint need a top coat?
  • Will a water-based stain allow me to get the dark walnut color here? If so, any specific recommendations? I'm a little worried that a water-based stain will turn out a bit of a gray-ish brown
  • Is there anything else in my plan that I am missing?

As I mentioned before, I'm a newbie when it comes to DIY handyman projects, so any help or advice is super appreciated! Thanks!

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