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Tool Shed Insulation Advice

I am looking at purchasing a tool shed that I would like to insulate. The inside of the shed will be climate controlled and dehumidified. The styling of the shed is a Dutch Barn and the dimensions will be 12'x16 with 6' walls. The roof has no venting i.e. is what I'm guessing would be called an unvented cathedral style ceiling. The manufacturer has stated that the trusses are 2×4 at the base and 2×6 at the peak. The roofing material will be metal to match our house and garage. The walls will be 2×6 construction with plywood sheathing, house wrap and vinyl siding. I plan to have the shed placed on a monolithic 6 inch slab which will have a vapor barrier under it and an MVR applied to the surface after 28 days of curing. I reside in Delaware and depending on which chart I look at we are zone 4 or 5. Also since we are close to the ocean the summers are pretty much 100 % RH every day and the winters can get quite cold.

From my research most places recommend closed cell insulation but the cost is too high to fit my current budget. I'm trying to come up with the safest plan of attack for the best R value rating in the ceiling. So far the best that I can come up with is to adhere rigid foam insulation to the roof sheathing with a 1/3" gap to the trusses which I would then fill with expanding foam insulation from a can.

I would also know if it would be advisable to seal the ends of the 4×4 pressure treated foundation beam skid. Any advice would be greatly appreciated as I tend to overthink/overengineer most projects.

I have included a link to the shed here.

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