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Help with dripping shower / diverter

Hi Folks,

Today I decided to tackle that our shower that's developed a slow drip over the past few months. It's a shower only (no tub) and has to handles – one mixes hot/cold, the other controls volume. The volume control handle turns around 180 degrees from off to fully on.

I got the handle, cover, etc. removed and have gotten as far as getting cartridge/valve assembly exposed but now I'm stuck. I've pulled on the plastic piece as hard as I dare (I don't want to snap it off) but won't budge. Using a crescent wrench, on that front ring that has flat spots ends up turning the whole pipe that goes into the wall about 5 inches. I thought it might be threaded on there the keep the plastic bits in, but I don't believe it is.

Here some images

Anyone come across some thing similar? Have any tips for how to get it out? You-tube videos etc. I've seen all show very different set-ups and they seem to come right out (or have a large ring screwed on holding parts from coming out).

Thank you!


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