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Restore Old Playing Cards?

I'm trying to clean up/restore some old playing cards from my Grandma for my mom's birthday and was hoping to get some advice.

The cards have started yellowing (which I don't mind as much, although I'd love to spruce up/whiten), and the edges are definitely dirty and scuffed. Any ideas? I read that you can put the cards in a bag with baking or talcum powder and that will clean them, but I think that mainly addresses the oil issue? What about the edges? I also read that you can spray on lacquer after you clean them to make them a bit more sturdy and protect them.

Not sure if anyone has attempted this or can let me know if my plan is crazy. They are sentimental cards so I'm really hoping not to ruin them.

Submitted May 07, 2021 at 05:53AM by smashinash023
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