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Closing off gap in gate

I have this gate that's meant to keep my cat out. Unfortunately, she can crawl through the wide gap in the bottom corners of the gate (marked with the red square in this photo).

My gate, except that unlike the photo, I'm not using the extension piece seen on the left

I've tried fastening a thin wire from point A to B and it didn't work; my cat pushes against the wire until it loosens enough for her to pass through.

I currently have a wide piece of tape that goes down the entire height of the gate – fastened on the "screws" that go on the wall. This keeps the cat out, but is not a great solution because a) the cat chews it bit by bit and after a few weeks, manages to pass through, and b) aesthetically, it's horrible.

How could I block this section marked by the red square in the photo? I don't have a workshop and no tools other than pliers, screwdrivers, basic things like that. I'm female and not very handy.

Thanks for any help!

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