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Loft bed-King size questions

I'm moving into a studio from a larger apartment. I want to keep the king bed I have. I'm looking for ideas. The ceiling is 12ft. I either want the bed over a doorway or over the couch. It should be high enough to pass through without bending down (as low as 5 1/2 ft but preferably closer to 6ft will be just fine for me and most of my family we are short 😅.)

Is it possible to do this without working from complete scratch? Maybe using bookcases, dressers, or other sturdy 5 1/2 ft items and then lay a metal frame or something on top of those items… or any other ideas? What about combining loft frames… if I could find a twin XL could I buy 2 of those and then combine them?

I'm a renter. The walls are brick. So nothing can be secured to the wall.

I also have the idea of turning my king bed into a couch/bed if I can't find a way to do a king loft without spending the 2k Adult Loft Beds (.com) is asking.

Ideas, advice and opinions are appreciated!

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