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Shop/garage lighting LED fixtures with integrated j-box?

I would like to replace existing 48" fluorescent fixtures (5 total) in the garage with LED fixtures. The existing fixtures are all daisy-chained with NMD90 (Romex) from a wall switch and the fixtures have internal, integrated j-boxes for the wire connections. I was hoping to find LED shop light fixtures with the same feature to make replacement easy.

Unfortunately everything I can see online seems to require that the fixture be mounted on (or near) an existing or new electrical Junction box. Why is this? Can't I get an LED fixture with an internal metal compartment for wire connections so I can just re-use the existing wire ends? Was there a code change or something? Is it because the LED fixtures are too small?

Example of typical current fixture arrangement.

Thanks for any help. First time posting a question here….

Submitted May 09, 2021 at 04:15PM by Greg_P_Mills
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