Temporary fix for leaking tap (stainless valve seat) via /r/DIY


Temporary fix for leaking tap (stainless valve seat)


We live in a rental. There are no water saving fixtures so we don’t pay the water bill.

Easter, the kitchen tap wouldn’t turn all the way off. Put in maintenance request. Plumber says that they used stainless valve seats and that the seat is loose (the way I understood it, the brass has been faced too many times, and the stainless seat is a stopgap measure). He said they’d need to replace the mixer, and he submitted a quote.

The owner has not yet approved the repairs. There is about 3L of drinking water being wasted every hour, for the last 6 weeks.

The faucet doesn’t have a female thread. Maybe remove the faucet and install a cap? The mixer is behind tile splash back, so assuming that adds to the cost/complexity.

Tl;dr Is there anything we can do to prevent further wastage of water? A threaded plug?

Thank you 🙏

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