Dishwasher not draining. via /r/DIY


Dishwasher not draining.

So I’ve told my wife roughly 700,000 times to put food down the disposal. She obviously (me being the idiot I am) has continued to do so. Long story short, line is plugged, I’ve got a 2 basin sink, 1 with a disposal and one without. I’ve found the knock out on the back of the disposal but the drain is currently hooked up to the other drain. I’d like to get it put over to the disposal, bought a new hose (cause yuck who wants to snake that shit) and another connector just in case. Plan on putting new hose into the disposal and straight piping the t that used to be under the other sink. Am I missing anything??? Mods let this through I’ve got an hour before go time. And thank you all in advance.

Submitted May 11, 2021 at 05:16PM by Born_ina_snowbank
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