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Self leveling concrete help


I am in the process of planning to level the floors of my basement office. Currently there is an old floor drain that forms a gentle "u" shape across the entire room. I estimate it's about 2- 3" from my edges of my room to the lowest points.

Anyway my question is as follows, is it safe to use layers of a cheaper floor leveling concrete to build this up in 1-2 pours with dry time inbetween. Or is there benefit to using a premium product and doing it all at once. It's about 187 square feet. But it's hard to calculate depth (I need to pull carpet up and prep the surface)

Is there another product I could use to fill most of the slope? Then use leveling compound to finish?

The difference would be a few hundred dollars in savings if I could build it up with a cheaper product due to the cost of the materials.

Thanks in advance!

Submitted May 15, 2021 at 01:56PM by theverybigfish
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