Built in the dry, installed in the wet. via /r/DIY


Built in the dry, installed in the wet.

As part of a larger project to do up the garden, I designed and built a gate to fit a larger than usual gap. I have a bit of a track record for getting measurements wrong, so when I built the frame, I stood it up in the gap. Rather happy with myself as it fitted nicely, I fixed the panels and added a combination lock.

Get to the weekend and it starts raining. I'd already roped in help to get the rest of the fence replaced, so the show must go on. After replacing a few fence panels, we get to installing the gate. It doesn't fit. Everyone laughs at u/mrcsimmo and my dad starts planing the fence post to fit. After taking a bit off, the gate closes nicely and we get on with the rest of it…

Until a few days later, when the sun comes out. Once the post is dry, it seems to shrink to the size it was when I measured the gap in the first place. And with the extra but that my dad planed off the latch of the combination lock completely missed the fence post. But, when it rains, it fits nicely again.

I've got a few ideas on what I could do, but wanted to float my story to Reddit and see if the wisdom of the internet can fit this annoying situation.

I suppose that it's relevant that the post that was planed was not replaced as part of the fence replacement as this was one of the that was not rotten. Neither was the post on the hinge side, although this was reinforced to stabilise.

TL;DR bespoke garden gate fits well in the rain, but swings open when dry. Help plz.

Submitted May 17, 2021 at 03:24PM by Mrcsimmo
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