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Master Bath DIY Semi-Remodel (3 months)

My house is from 1972 and the master bath had a lot of original stuff in there that just wasn't working for me anymore. It's my first DIY on a scale this big (I usually stick to landscaping) and the issues I ran into were: having a toddler (minimal free time), a massive ice storm crippling the state causing people to clear out the plumbing supply shelves, overworked contractors who only want big projects, and a pandemic restricting me from going to Lowe's a thousand times.

Original Timeline: 2 weeks (hahahahahaha!!)

Finished Timeline: 3 months

I had to work on this in small increments whenever I could so I had maybe 20-30 minutes to do something each time I was in there. I have a toddler that's not in daycare and I work full time at home.

Summary: I would HIGHLY recommend doing a project like this! Take your time, make lots of lists, research as much as you can beforehand and also during the process. Don't be afraid and outsource when you think you're in over your head. You can do this!!!

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