Why won’t my caulk come out of the tube? via /r/DIY


Why won’t my caulk come out of the tube?

So, for a somewhat nontypical use case (basically, trying to patch a floor protector with other sheets of plastic), I borrowed a caulk gun from a friend, and grabbed a tube of caulk I bought a couple of years ago, but never opened.

I cut off the tip, and punctured the foil seal, and made sure that the plunger thingie was actually going inside the caulk tube, but I *cannot* get the caulk to come out of the tube. The plunger advances just fine with no load, so I'm not sure if the problem is a. that the caulk is just too old, and I need to bite the bullet and buy some newer caulk; b. something is wrong with my friend's caulk gun (just a standard, somewhat battered manual "squeeze the trigger and the plunger goes forward" type), or c. I'm just not putting enough pressure on the damned thing.

When I poke the caulk with the poky thing on the front of the gun, there is some caulk on the poky thing, but it seems sort of… sticky and dried out, which leads me to think the answer is 1, but… I'd like to be sure, because… well, I'm broke enough to be trying to patch a floor protector rather than just buying a new one…


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