Help! How do I remove this trim from my oak cabinets? via /r/DIY


Help! How do I remove this trim from my oak cabinets?

Hi everyone,

I have a very dated oak kitchen that I’m in the process of painting a lighter colour.

Whilst painting the cabinets has been a fairly simple job, I’ve gotten a bit stuck with the bits of wood that meet the floor (Cabinet Trim Image).

There seems to be a plastic trim (is that the right word?) that goes under the wood like a bracket. I originally thought the trim was just stuck on on the front so tried to remove it and a bit just cracked off.

Without removing all the cabinets from the walls, is there a way to remove or cover this trim?

I’m just scared that after all this work and the rest of the kitchen looking quite nice, the bit that meets the floor is going to let everything down.

Sorry if this is a stupid question – this is my first time doing anything like this and I haven’t found an answer searching on Google just yet!

Submitted May 17, 2021 at 05:25PM by etherealinsanity
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