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Can I Replace a Water Mixer Valve on My Own?

I recently purchased a house (yay and also wow that's a lot of work…), and we have an oil fuel furnace connected to a radiant heater system and an on-demand hot-water system. Today I thought I'd test turning the mixer up somewhat as my wife likes a hot shower.

This was a success, as the water gets very hot if you turn the valve significantly, which is great!

However, later today I went back downstairs to check something and noted that there was now a drip of water coming from the mixer valve handle. Ah, crap.

I checked around the system to see if the leak was coming from elsewhere, and I'm about 99% sure it is coming from the little knob (if you look behind the knob you can see the little drops slowly forming and then falling off. I have taken some pictures of the system and will post them below, but essentially my question is this: can I DIY this, or should I hire a professional?

Here's the system as a whole. You can see the problem knob to the bottom left of the image.

Here's the troublesome little knob.

Here's another shot of the knob from a bit further back.

Here's a shutoff valve just above the knob.

Here's another shutoff valve a little above and behind the knob (or to the right of the knob if you're looking at the system picture at the top).

I have about zero plumbing experience, but I've done quite a bit of car repair and a bit of carpentry–not that I think those are comparable, but just so you have some context for my skill set.

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